Services Available at United Building Contractors

  • Lease/Leaseback
  • UBC’s primary delivery method is Lease/Leaseback projects utilizing a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract with School Districts. We work diligently with the continually changing requirements of the skilled and trained workforce.

  • Pre-Construction Services
  • The UBC team actively collaborates with the architects and Client to solve problems and provide a value-engineered plan that meets the project’s needs, goals, and budget. Our constructability review procedures deliver a construction process free of delays, cost overages, or contractor-driven change orders.

  • Design Build
  • UBC teams up with the expertise of our architects and engineers which results in a timely, cost effective, and high-quality project. The design build services are all inclusive and brings the client from the beginning through the end of the project; this includes all the phases of planning, design, preconstruction and construction. We strive to provide architectural aesthetics that are functional, thought out and complete for the Client.

  • New Construction
  • UBC prepares the site which includes underground utilities, site improvements and landscaping. We construct a new ground up structure with custom exterior and interior finishes.

  • Modernization
  • UBC constructs renovations and upgrades of both exterior and interior of buildings. Renovations are typically more difficult than new construction because construction is based around existing conditions. UBC is visionary in seeing problems before they arise on mods and provides a solution for the Client.

  • Boring Division
  • Underground directional drilling for installation of wet and dry utilities including gas, electrical, telecommunications, fiber optic and water. Turnkey restoration is provided to disturbed conditions.

"Jim Gilmore and his team do their utmost and come through with a positive outlook and positive approach, delivering projects under all circumstances, doing so in a very professional manner. United Building Contractors has a reputation for having a close hands-on approach while working with Architect's, Engineers and School Districts."